Impact Ecuador Galapagos
Impact Ecuador Galapagos
Impact Ecuador Galapagos
Impact Ecuador Galapagos
Impact Ecuador Galapagos
Impact Ecuador Galapagos

Latin America › Ecuador Galapagos, 21 days

Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands this summer!!! Explore the breath taking culture and biology plus 40 hours of community service on three amazing service projects!

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Adventure dates

  • EG#1: July 1 - 21
  • EG#2: July 23 - August 12

Other details

  • Trip begins: Quito, Ecuador
  • Trip ends: Quito, Ecuador
  • Age range: 15-18

Tuition fees


Price Includes

Two CPR and First Aid certified Bold Earth leaders and one local South American guide; all ground costs, all ground transportation including airport pickup and drop-off; all activities and gear listed in the above itinerary; all meals; local gratuities to wait-staff and all hotels, cabins or hostels.

Price Doesn’t Include

Flights to/from Quito, Ecuador; $100 Galapagos entrance fee, $41 airport exit tax, optional gratuities, extra snacks and souvenirs.

Trip highlights

  • Explore the Galapagos Islands!
  • Surf, Snorkel, Sail & Kayak
  • Quito Community Service
  • Learn to Farm on Organic Eco-Farm
  • Amazing Cultural Experiences

Galapagos Islands:Adventure, Wildlife and Service

Visiting San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabella Islands, we spend 11 days on the Galapagos Islands exploring the turquoise waters and abundant wildlife. Snorkeling, sea kayaking, surfing, biking and community service give us the opportunity to see the islands from a variety of angles. With plenty of time in the water and on land we see plenty of sea turtles, tortoises, manta rays, blue footed boobies and much more! Taking a brief break from adventure, we spend two days working at a Special Education Center, helping local school children with special needs. In addition, we partner with the Charles Darwin Center to assist in the conservation of Galapagos Tortoises. The most all-encompassing Galapagos Teen Trip.

Organic Farm: Volunteer at a Local Farm

In the tropics of Ecuador’s Pacific Coast, we spend five-days volunteering at Río Muchacho, a self-sustaining, zero-waste organic farm. Community service and environmental awareness is our focus as we learn about compost and crop rotation while tending to the farm’s horses, chickens, and guinea pigs. Even though the seeds we plant will not mature for months, all the food eaten on the farm is grown locally. Campers leave inspired by the farm’s ecologically friendly practices and are ready to start gardens of their own! A carefully selected stop on Bold Earth’s Ecuador Teen Trip!

Quito: Community Service Sights

Quito’s bustling markets and colonial architecture are the backdrop for our final three days in Ecuador. We explore the palaces and plazas of this historic city, and visit the Equator line monument and museum. Our trip concludes as we partner with a local school charity, Ninos de la Calle, to participate in a service project dedicated to helping the under-privileged children of Quito. An authentic way to end Bold Earth’s Ecuador Teen Trip.


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